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Designer Tips

Designer Tips that may help you transform your home into the palace of your dreams.

Focal Point

  • At the base of all great room designs is a focal point.  Make your window treatments your focal point.

Change the Feel

  • Your choice of window treatments can transform the look of a large spacious room to a cozy little hide away or a small compact room into a larger more airy space. 


  • Connect two or more spaces of your home together by coordinating the window treatments.

Working from Home

  • The right choice of window treatments change that spare room into a professional looking home office that would impress any client.  Chances are you will also be impressed by the increased productivity your new environment will provide.

Form and Function

  • Don't forget to think about the functionality of both the window treatments and the window itself. Which direction does the window open?  Bottom up?  In from the ends?  Tilt out?  Does the window treatment lower and raise, tilt open or move from side to side?

Energy Efficiency

  • How much sun comes in the window?  Is it a south facing window that will receive an extreme amount of sun each day?   Is it a north facing window that receives that old blast of cold air each winter?  Both of these examples could use blinds that have a higher insulation factor like Honeycomb shades. 

Privacy and Light Control

  • The type of blind or shade you choose may depend on the need for privacy or light control.  Are your windows in a bedroom or entertainment room?  All parents with young children deserve the luxury of blackout honeycomb or roller shades in the children's bedrooms.  The most important gift I could purchase for my adult children are Blackout Cordless Honeycomb shades for the nursery.  Baby sleeps in so mom and dad get to sleep in.  AHHH...the gift of sleep, Life is good.

Did you know

  • Did you know that the majority of wood blind owners lift their blinds only a couple of times a year.  Most consumers simply tilt the vanes open and closed each day and rarely lift the actual blind.  Because wood blinds tend to be very heavy, this choice in window covering functions best when the tilt feature is utilized as the daily adjustment and the list feature is used less often.


  • Are their young children in the home?  Every home with young children should have cordless window coverings when available.  This child safety upgrade is available on Roman Shades and Honeycombs eliminating all cords.  Roller shades have their own form of cordless called the clutch free option.   These are the ultimate weapons in keeping your children and pets safe in your home.





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