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Green on Blinds

Energy efficient blinds and window treatments are one way to preserve our resources.  Many of our custom blinds and shades have a significant R value which is the insulation factor at which the product provides. Insulating against the cold in the winter and the heat in the summer.  The higher the R value the better the insulation properties.   Many times you can increase a products R value tremendously by adding liners to product such as woven woods and pleated shades.   Other products such as the energy efficient Cellular/Honeycomb shades naturally have a substantial R value.  Look under product description for the R value of each product. is determined to help provide our consumers with Eco friendly products.   We work with manufacturers that do their part to protect the environment.   Whether through recycling cardboard, paper, aluminum and other components used in the manufacturing product or by offering natural product and Greenguard certified product, they are showing their commitment to protecting the earth. 

Greenguard Indoor Air Quality and Greenguard Children and Schools Certified product such as many of our Roller Shades patterns  are proven to have low VOC emissions.  Look for "Greenguard Certified" to find a product for your home.  For more information on Greenguard certification go to

Another environmentally friendly product is Bamboo Woven Wood Shades.  Made from Natural Bamboo, grasses, reeds and other easily renewable materials.  Adding liners to your Woven Wood Shades will also improve the R value of this product.



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