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 Vertical Blinds

2" PVC, 3 1/2" PVC and 3 1/2" Fabric options available.

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Vertical Blind   Smooth Finish for easy cleaning

   Matching 2" Horizontals and 2" Verticals available.




     2 Patterns, total of 7 colors available!

       Free Dustcover Valance with every vertical blind!



      5 Patterns, total of 27 colors available

      Our Top Selling Vertical Patterns!

     Free Dustcover Valance         


    3 Patterns, total of 16 colors available including Black.

     Fresno and Madiera avialable in 2" slat

     Free Dustcover Valance



     4 Patterns total of 21 colors available.

       Free Deluxe Dustcover Valance


    8 Colors Available!    Fabric Vertical Blinds

     Free Dustcover Valance


      8 Colors available.

     Our Top Selling Fabric Vertical Blind.

    Free Dustcover Valance  


     5 Colors Available.

    This Fabric Vertical pattern can create a formal or casual look depending on your decor.

     Free Dustcover Valance


     Gold, Silver and Bronze Vertical Blinds

     Free Dustcover Valance


    6 colors Available!

   Now available in Bright White


2         35 colors Available!

      Matching 2" Horizontals and 3 1/2" Verticals also available.

Please read product specs and installation guide before placing order.

Minimum Width 6"  Maximum Width 140"

Minimum Height 6" Maximum Height 120"

Average Production Time: 12 days

100% US Fabrication  (100% US Content -PVC Vertical Blinds, 80% US Content - Fabric Vertical Blinds.) "Made in the USA of US and imported parts."

View our Color Accuracy Policy.

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