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Terms and Policies


Color Accuracy:

Although we do our best to make sure that the colors printed on our web site are accurate, actual colors will vary.  In addition, subtle color differences and textures may not be fully appreciated on some systems due to differences in monitors and display cards.  Due to the fact that our products are all custom made, and can't be returned, you need to be sure that you can live with any color variations that are possible from our scanning of actual samples.  If an exact color match is required, then please request a sample before placing your order.  Once you receive your sample, keep in mind that all samples may still have minimal color variations as stated by the manufacturers.  In addition to the above considerations regarding color, we'd like to suggest that you order all of the blinds going into the same room at one time.   There are some times slight variation in dye lots.  We. nor the manufacturer, can guarantee dye lot matches if blinds are not ordered all at the same time.  

Fabric Back Lighting:

"Back Lighting" happens when the light filters in through translucent fabrics from behind.  Our swatches don't show you the effect of back lighting, which can soften colors and highlight fabric textures.  If you'd like to see how back lighting affects the color or texture of a particular material request a sample from us.    Many of the most translucent fabrics that are on our site are scanned with materials folded over several times so the scanner will pick up colors as well as textures.  Therefore back lighting will play a significant factor in color accuracy of the most translucent materials.

Window Measurements:

For both inside and outside mounts the finished measurements of the window treatment are from the top of the head rail to the bottom of the bottom rail (or in the case of verticals the bottom of the vanes) for the height.  The width is from the left edge of the window treatment to the right edge.  It is imperative you provide accurate measurements when you place you order.   If you have any questions regarding how to measure please look at the "Measuring/Install" tab on each product page.  If you still have questions please feel free to call us.

-Inside Mount

 An inside mount fits within the window frame.  On inside mounts    specific deductions are taken by the factory for operating clearance.  These deductions vary for each manufacturer and each product and are only approximate deductions.  For more specific details please go to the product page for the product you are interested in on our site before completing your order.  Because each of our products are hand made, the manufacturers are allowed an + or - 1/8" tolerance on all measurements.

-Outside Mount

 An outside mount overlaps the window opening.  Allowances are not taken or added by the manufacturers for any product (with the exception of Sheer Shadings.)  This is because you will need to supply us the exact measurements that you would like the window treatment to be.  This includes adding extra for the width and the height to clear any trim etc.   Because each of our products are hand made, the manufacturers are allowed an + or - 1/8" tolerance on all measurements.

For a complete list of measuring and deduction guidelines for each product see the product page for that item and click on the "Measuring/Install tab."  If you still have questions please feel free to call customer service.   We are here to help with any questions you may have.

Hardware and Screws:

All mounting hardware with the possible exception of screws are provided with your order.  This is due the the fact that differing screws are needed in differing installation applications.  In most applications a #6 x 1 1/2" screw is appropriate.  However, the exact length and type of screw will very depending on whether you are mounting your treatments to drywall, wood, concrete or metal.  As a result many companies do not send mounting screws with your order.  If you find no screws came with your order you will need to purchase some.  As a rule of thumb you can assume two screws per bracket with no less then 2 brackets per treatment and one additional bracket per 30"  for blind over 30".  If you find you are missing any essential hardware please notify customer service immediately so we can request them to be shipped from the manufacturer.     If you find that you did not request some of the optional hardware at the time of order but find you need it or you are needing a different type of hardware then your mounting type normally requires, a small shipping and handling fee for appropriate hardware may be assessed.   Please contact customer service.

Changes, Cancellation and Refunds:

Because our products are custom made to your exact specifications, you must be sure of your purchase decisions prior to finalizing your order.  We place your order with the manufacturer and automatically charge your credit card for the total sale price, including shipping, immediately after you complete your online order.  Unless there is a delay in placing your order, because we need additional information from you, an order received from you for materials the manufacturer has in stock will normally be in production the following business day.

Cancellation and changes in orders can only be made for a period of 12 hours after your online order is finalized.  All cancellations and changes effected during this 12 hour period will be subject to a manufacturer's restocking charge, where applicable, and a 6% administrative charge.  We cannot refund money or issue any credits for a credit card purchase if the cancellation or change occurs at any time beyond the 12 hour period.    These products are custom made and cannot be cancelled or changed once the order goes into production.

Out of stock materials

On rare occasions there may be delays caused by out of stock materials, shipping delays, temporary factory overload, holidays and other factors beyond our control.  Any material not in stock at the manufacturer but is on order and will be shipping to our manufacturer in a timely manor is considered temporarily out of stock.  This is not the same as a back order.   In the event of a delay, when the manufacturer alerts us we will contact by the end of the next business day.

Discontinued and/or Back Ordered Items:

At times, products or colors are discontinued or placed on backorder by our manufacturer's vendors for various reasons.  We will make every effort to remove discontinued items from our site as soon as we are made aware of them.  If your order is effected by such an event we will contact you as soon as possible and help you reselect or cancel your order. 

A backorder occurs when our manufacturer's vendors do not have the fabric in stock and are waiting on their material to arrive before being able to ship the material to our manufacturer.  We will notify you by the end of the next business day if we receive a backorder notification from our manufacturer.   We will give you the opportunity to continue to wait for the material or to reselect to something similar.  If you wish not to wait we will refund your money at no additional charge and no administrative fees.  We reserve the right to reject any order at our discretion if we feel our manufacturer will be unable to provide us with a quality product within a time frame that is suitable to both the ourselves and you the consumer. 

Delivery times:

Delivery times given are based on normal production and shipping times.  Delivery times may vary depending on the product.  Therefore, please email us for a better estimate of delivery times.   The estimated delivery times include working days after our receipt of your completed order and exclude weekends, holidays and factory closing days.  On occasions, there may also be delays caused by out of stock merchandise, inventory-taking, temporary factory overload or other unforeseen problems.  

Shipping information

We offer free shipping via United Parcel Service (UPS) and or Fed Ex within the 48 contiguous United States as long as the product(s) you order are less then 94" in width or length.  For the fastest service possible, we ship most products directly from the manufacturing facility located closest to you.   If your shipment is too large to ship by UPS or Fed Ex we will ship it direct from the manufacturer's facility via freight carrier, directly to you. 

Orders under 94" in width and/or length shipping within the contiguous United State are shipping free of charge.

Orders over 94" in width and/or length and less then 130" width and/or length shipping within the contiguous United States are subject to a $80.00 shipment fee per manufacturer.

All orders over 130" in width and/or length shipping within the contiguous United States will be subject to a $150.00 shipping fee per manufacturer.

Please note that we cannot ship to PO Boxes, FPO or APO address. 

For Alaska and Hawaii, we offer a flat rate of $30.00 per blind or shade under 94" in width and/or length.  Each blind or shade over 94" in width and/or length but less then 130" in width and/or length will incur a $75.00 charge.  For blinds in excess of 130" in width and/or length a  shipping cost will be added based upon actual manufacturer's cost.  These orders will need to be handled through customer service.  These fees will have to be added manually.  Please contact customer service after placing your quote.

Outside of the USA, we are able to ship blinds outside of the USA.  A special price quote per blind will need to be given by customer service prior to placing the order.    These orders must be handled through customer service.

Multiple Shipments/Different Manufacturers:

Although very rare, you may find that the different type products you purchase may need to ship from different manufacturers.  When this occurs, we ask each manufacturer to ship your order as soon as it is done so no part is held up for the other.  This ensures you order is shipped to you as soon as possible.

Oversized Shipments/Common Carrier:

Our common carriers will contact you to make a delivery appointment once the shipment reaches the terminal closest to you.  It is imperative you are home at the appointed time to prevent any undue fees.   Each common carrier has a different delivery protocol.  Some may charge you an inside delivery fee if you ask the driver to carry the product into your home.   It if very important that you ask for details regarding their standard delivery procedure while on the phone setting the delivery appointment to prevent any such charges.  We nor the manufacturer will be responsible for bills assessed by the common carriers for such requests or missed appointments.

Inspection of Merchandise:

It is imperative you inspect all shipments upon receipt before signing for the product.   If you notice any damage to the packing you must sign the bill of lading or UPS, Fed Ex receipt with the word "damaged."  We, nor the manufacturer, will be able to remedy any issues due to shipping damage unless you sign for the product damaged.   If you feel the damage to the box has caused obvious damage to the product then you must refuse the shipment.    If you are not home with the product is received then you must notify the shipper of damage as soon as possible.   Once you have notified the shipper please contact customer service for future instructions including how long to keep the damaged packaging.  If you notify us of receipt of damage within 7 days we will work with the manufacturer to repair or replace the item at no charge to you.   If you do not notify us within 7 days we will be unable to do so.  

You must also inspect your merchandise immediately to be sure the products you ordered were received to your order specifications.  If you find any issues please contact customer service within 7 days of receipt of product.   We will work with the manufacturer to have product repaired or replaced.  Our manufacturers reserve the option to inspect and possibly repair any item before replacement.   If you do not notify us within 7 days we will be unable to remedy with situation at no cost to you.

Order Processing Fees:

Due to an increase in our processing costs (credit card fees, shipping and handling as assessed by our manufacturers etc.) we must assess a price adjustment for processing and handling each order.  Our flat rate is $4.75 per order which is only a fraction of our operating fees and shipping and handling fees our manufacturers charge us per order.

Sales Tax:

All orders shipping to an Indiana address will be charged 7% sales tax.  Starting March 1, 2010 a Colorado law requires retailers to notify it's customers that they will owe Colorado use tax on all items purchased if no sales tax was paid to the retailer.  You can report the use tax owed on such purchases on Colorado Use Tax Form DR 0252.  If you have any questions, call the Colorado Department of Revenue at 303-238-7378.

Express Warranties:

Express Warranties with respect to the blinds/shades you are purchasing are provided to you directly by the manufacturer of these products and are incorporated into you order.  To read the warranty that applies to the specific blinds or shades you are ordering, please review warranty and care information at the bottom of the appropriate product description tab.

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