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Mirrored & Metallic Vertical Blinds


Have fun with your windows by using Mirrored Gold, Silver and Bronze verticals

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Aspirations Gold

Aspirations Silver

Aspirations Bronze

Vertical Blinds - Measuring and Installation.

Vertical blinds help save energy by increasing insulation for windows, and by blocking or letting in sunlight to keep rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Vertical vanes rotate 180 degrees, to block the sun's glare while still providing an outside view,

The vanes also traverse/draw like drapes to the side for a full outside view.  You choose the traversing/draw direction to further customize the product to your needs.  

Highly functional, offering superior durability and performance.

Choose from PVC, Fabric or Vogue Faux Wood vanes.  Once you've decided on the vane material type then you choose your pattern and color.

Available as one way, split, opposite stack or center stack.  You choose the vane stacking orientation to fit your needs.

Cord controls operate the traversing/drawing of the vanes while metal chain operates the tilt.  

You may choose to upgrade to a wand control.   The wand controls both tilt and traverse/draw of one way tracks only.  Wands available in 30" and 60" lengths. 

All PVC and Faux Wood verticals offer the most privacy of all the selections.  Fabric verticals will allow soft light to filter into the room.  To increase the privacy level of fabric you may choose to add groover inserts.  The groover is a vinyl louver that has channels on both edges, so the fabric can be inserted.  A groover insert with fabric adds a degree of room-darkening and temperature control.

Standard valances available for all verticals, while the upgraded 3 1/4" Vogue Wood valance is available on the Vogue Faux Wood Verticals only.


Vertical Blinds - Measuring and Installation.

Inside Mount Deductions:

1/4" off of Width 1/2" off of overall Length

Outside Mount Deductions:

No deductions taken off of width or overall length.

Mounting Requirements:

Shallow Mount Requirements:  2"

Flush Mount Requirements: 4 1/4"

Outside Mount flat surface Requirements:  2"

Track Dimensions1 3/4: Wide   1 1/2" Tall

Vanes Dimensions: 3 1/2" Wide

Valances: Standard Dustcover Valance with matching 3 1/2" insert.

Faux Wood 3 1/4" Vogue Valance.

Inside Mount valance ends are cut straight and have a 1/8" deduction from ordered width to fit inside the window frame.

Outside mount valances are made approximately 3/4" wider then headrail and have 4 1/2" returns.

If you like the function of verticals but would prefer something more elegant, look at Sheer Verticals.

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