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2 Inch Vinyl Blinds

2" Vinyl Blinds - Horizontal

Like our top selling Premium Faux Wood Blinds, All 2" Vinyl Horizontal Blinds are 100% Fabricated in the United States ensuring jobs stay here in the U.S.

We guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our 2" Vinyl Blinds, they are made from the highest quality polyvinyl materials to resist cracking and warpage. 

Also available in Matching 2" Vertical Blinds.


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Made from durable pvc available.

All blinds come standard with 2l Valance and Trapezoid bottom rail. Traditional routed slats can be upgraded to routeless/privacy option or decorative cloth tapes  The routeless/privacy option eliminates cord holes in the slats, preventing annoying "sunspots" and ensuring privacy.   Decorative cloth tapes allows to you furthure customize this product to match your rooms decor. 

Durable 2 x 2 color coordinated steel head rail.  Premium cord tilt is considered the standard tilt option in the window covering industry because it is a heavy duty tilt system.  Wand tilt control also available.  Standad child safety installation kits, safety cord stops and crash proof cord locks.

Like any horizontal blind it should be dusted regularly to keep them looking new.  Use a soft, clean cloth, chemically treated dust cloth or dusting mitt.

Blinds may also be cleaned by vacuuming them with a brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner or by wiping with a soft, damp rag. 

Our manufacturer warrants that wood blinds from this collection will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as original purchasor owns the products.  See additional information on warranty page.


Wood Blinds - Measuring and Installation.

Finished Dimensions

Inside Mount Allowance-As with all product, factory will take standard deduction off of width for all blinds ordered as inside mount.  This deduction is ordered width minus 1/2".  No deductions will be taken off of length.

Outside Mount Allowance- No deductions will be taken off of width or length for blinds ordered as outside mount.


All valances for blinds ordered as inside mount will be cut straight on both ends and will be 1/8" less then ordered width unless otherwise specified.  If you need outside mount valances on your inside mount blinds or have any other valance instructions please specify on special comments on the order screen. 

All valances ordered as outside mount will have mitered corners with 2 5/8" returns.  The valances themselves will be approximately 1/2 wider then the blinds ordered width to fit over headrail and brackets.   If you need special returns sizes or special instructions for your valances please list this under the order comments section of the order screen.

All special valance comments must be made at time of order.  Replacement valances due to consumer not specifying instructions at time of order may result in a charge if a new valance needs to be supplied.  

Mounting Requirements Inside Mount

Minimum Casement Depth for bracket attachment 1 1/2"

Minimum Casement Depth for fully recessed blind and valance is 3"

Mounting Requirements for Outside Mount

Minimum flat mounting surface height 1 3/4"

Recommended width overlap per side 1 1/2"

Minimum and maximum widths are dependant upon added options.     See also control options as miniumum width will effect control options.

Width for one blind one one headrail

Minimum net width  6"

Minimum net width of blind with decorative tapes 7 1/2"

Maximum ordered width of 72"

Height for one blind one one headrail

Minimum ordered height 12"

Maximum ordered height 126"  This is width dependant.

Width for Multiple blinds on one headrail

Minimum overall net width of 2 on 1   12 1/2"

Minimum overall net width of 3 on 1  18 1/2"

Maximum ordered width 96"

Height for Multiple blinds on one headrail

Minimum ordered height 12"

Maximum ordered height 126"

Control Options

Standard control options are Tilt on left side and Lift on right side.   Industry standard tilt control is cord because it is a heavy duty system that allows tighter closing of slats.   Wands are an option if you prefer.

You can specify which side you want your tilt and lift controls on, although some options are dependent when smaller width are ordered.

Blinds less then 10 1/2" width (net) must will be center tilt only.  There will not be a lift control.

Blinds less then 22 1/2" width (net) must have split controls. Example Tilt on left and Lift on right or Lift on left and Tilt on right.

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