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Room Darkening Roman Shades made in the USA

Screen Solar Shades 10%

Screen Solar fabric allows light to filter in and a view-thru when shades are lowered. Never the outside view when you have Mesh Style Roller Shades.    

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3000 Net White/White 10%

3000 Net White/Beige 10%

3000 Net White/Grey 10%

3000 Net Charcoal/Charcoal 10%

Measuring and Install Instructions.

This collection features various fabric styles and trends.  Fabric choices include: Screen Fabrics, Natural Fabrics, Fire Retardant and Room Darkening Options.  Various opacity and color options are sure to fit your decor needs.

Roller shades constructed with a Continuous Chain Clutch Roller System for ease of operation and years of trouble free use.

All Roller Shades comes with a fabric wrapped bottom rail.  Unless specified otherwise, the shade will not have a cassette (valance.)

Roller Shades are designed to fit rectangular window openings in a vertical orientation.  The maximum width and length of the shades vary with type of fabric, and depend on whether the fabric can be turned width for height (railroaded.) The shades may be installed inside or outside the window opening, or mounted to the ceiling.

Traditional end mount brackets are used if the shade is ordered without the cassette.  These brackets come with a custom flag locking mechanism to ensure a sturdy hold on your shade.

Cassette mounting brackets are clips that attach to the top of the Cassette.

Unlike you Grandma's old Roller shades, these Roller Shades come standard with a Continuous Clutch Control System.  Simply stated this is not a spring roller shade.  The shade is operated by a chain that allows for complete control of the blind. 

Standard Roller Shades will be made with a Clutch roller system meaning it's operated by a chain.   They will not a cassette/valance covering the fabric/roller system, However, we offer the Vienna Cassette Valance option on every shade to make installation a snap. You must choose this option at the time you place your order.  

Spring Roller Shades are made without the clutch control "chain" operating system.  Just request this when you place your order.

If you like the form and function of roller shades but would prefer a fabric with more privacy take a look at our Roller Shade light filtering and room darkening line.

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